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Veterans Canada is the fastest growing and largest on-line veterans organization in Canada.


Working with active, released and retired members from their branch of Canada's uniformed services in defence, security, enforcement and emergency health services, we offer a Veteran Community within a supportive on-line environment.


The Veteran Community provides a meeting place to re-connect with old friends and even make some new ones. Members have a profile page and are able to join groups, post pictures or even participate in live chat. Start a blog or just keep up with top news stories directed to veterans to keep informed. Are you a eligible for FREE membership? Click here.



Veterans Canada was founded September 2006 and we are proud and honoured to provide a Veteran Community for the veterans of Canada. These courageous men and women who have served our country in the name of peace, security, safety and freedom.


Veterans Canada also provides a Veteran Directory of listings from the business community to help make the pay of a veteran stretch a bit further. Veteran, do you want to make your pay cheque stretch further? Click here to view the Veteran Directory and the promotions and discounts for you from the business community.


Veterans Canada also is setting up face to face meet-up groups in your local area to help build relationships and a support system in your local community. Interested in joining a local group? Click here to read more.

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