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Veterans Canada as an organization has many goals it wishes to achieve. One goal we wish to establish is having members reconnect with old friends and also meet new acquaintances. This will enable us to reach out to any veterans who are in need of assistance, and allow veterans to network within an organization that they are more accustomed to dealing with. Veterans Canada would like to set up local / regional meet up groups.


To achieve this goal we have to implement certain guidelines that will be used nationwide. These guidelines will be put in place to help establish and maintain local / regional meet up groups, and also help with the flow of information both down and up the chain. To set up meet up groups Veterans Canada would require local/regional volunteer(s) to establish a group in their area. When a member wishes to set up a group he/she will contact us. Veterans Canada would then send by email a meeting notice to members in their local area. Groups would consist of 6 to 12 members.


If one group has 12 members it would be feasible for a second group to form from the original group. Of course, this would only be possible if there is a volunteer who would take a leadership role in the new group.


When setting up a meet up group it is important that neutral locations be picked for the meeting. Places to avoid include churches, bars, and members homes. The reasoning include issues some members may have with organized religions, issues with alcohol, and safety and security concerns. Acceptable meeting places could include restaurants, coffee shops or local breakfast establishments (no alcohol is permitted as many of our members are abstaining). Ideally we would like the meetings to be held on a monthly basis. Meetings are to be informal in nature, therefore minutes would not be required to be kept. However, should some important information be brought forward at the meeting, the group leader should record this to send it up the chain. It is also the responsibility of the group leader to have a feel of how the meeting is progressing, and diffuse the situation should the discussions at the meeting become heated.


We would also like established meet up groups to become involved in their local community. This involvement could include a local barbecue, area cleanup and/or a walk for cancer. Helping our communities also helps us to heal.


In conclusion Veterans Canada would like to establish the meet up groups as a way to engage our members, to facilitate the flow of information to and from, and also help to establish or bring forward any concerns our membership would like to have addressed. We believe this would be a good tool for our organization and would help build a strong and well informed group of Veterans. Are you interested in joining or leading a meet-up group? Click here

Veteran Meet-up

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