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Welcome to the first on-line Canadian Veteran Community. Heroes across this nation and abroad are signing up for FREE Lifetime Memberships to gain access to the benefits offered here. In the Veterans Canada - Veteran Directory members have access to promotions and discounts on a variety of products and services offered by our Business Members.


There is much here to attract members and visitors which will keep them coming back. Each week a bulletin is sent out to over 7,200 members registered on the site. Members are active, released and retired heroes from: the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Forces, Police Officers, Correctional Services, Firefighters, Coast Guard, Paramedics and Peace Officers. Click here to become a Business Member of







The Veterans Canada - Veteran Directory is a national program that partners with businesses that want to do their part to honour and thank all who serve our country. Our business partners show their appreciation and thanks by providing preferred pricing on their goods and services.


Why Should I Join  This is a new type of association for today's Veteran and Family members. It's one that targets business to partner, support and deliver benefits with discounts and preferred pricing for our Veteran Members. Through these partnerships we are able to provide an on-line Veterans Community FREE of charge to our Veteran Members. Click here to read about the Veteran Community.


As Veterans, we believe those who serve our great country should get the discounts or special deals most businesses routinely give to seniors or students. Through now all Veterans can get the respect and recognition due them with "everyday discounts" as a reward for their contribution to Canada.


Veterans who are members get discounts like our group plan with Economical Insurance of between 20 - 25% savings off Home and Auto Insurance.  Veteran members may also receive a 10-percent discount off the Greyhound walk-up (unrestricted) fare. Another option for our members is to travel on Greyhound for a maximum fare of $198 round trip anywhere in the continental United States. Click here to view our Veteran Directory.


But is about a lot more than discounts. For the first time, our business partners have the opportunity to show their support of veterans with more than the purchase of a ribbon, pin or decal and are able to honour our veteran members by supporting their on-line community. Become a Business member and show Canada's Veterans you wish to acknowledge their service and want to honour and thank  them by becoming a supporter. Click here for our rate sheet and list your promotion or discount.




Become a Business Members of Veterans Canada. Click here to read more.




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