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There is an overwhelming number of options to belong to social networks and participate in on-line communities. You hear a lot about Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, and even LinkedIn Groups; but veterans now have another option when looking to join an on-line community. The Veterans Canada - Veteran Community invites active, released and retired members from their branch of Canada's uniformed services in defence, security, enforcement and emergency health services to join their very own private social network on the internet called the Veteran Community. Members can participate in existing conversations with the other members and groups that have been created - all in the privacy of your very own social network community. Click here to join now!


What is the Veterans Community? Veterans Canada has now reached 7200 registered users in their private on-line social network that allows any active, released and retired members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian




Forces, Police Officers, Correctional Services, Firefighters, Coast Guard, Paramedics and Peace Officers to create their own social network page. Veterans Canada developed the Veterans Community with sections for videos, photos, chat, music, groups, events, and blogs. Veteran members of this community have their very own profile page and, can make friends, send them messages, get email notifications, update status, and install apps — basically anything you'd expect from a modern social network. Veterans Canada provides this service for free, and even offers customer support and a toll-free number to call for assistance. Click here to see membership eligibility!


In the Veterans Canada - Veterans Community members can connect or re-connect with old friends and buddies. Get feedback for something thats on your mind, or just keep up to the news that focuses on issues important to our members. Become part of the discussions and immediately have your say on concerns and issues within our community. The content in the Veteran Community is available in Canada's official languages through Google translate; but members are encouraged to post their thoughts in either French or English. This is a great platform to create a comfortable place for you and your buddies to share and re-connect. Participate in one or all the existing groups like the Navy, Army, Air force or the Provincial groups. It's a great way to find old buddies and make new ones. Click here to register!

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