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Veterans Canada provides an on-line environment that reflects our commitment and our desire to provide a Veteran Community for those that have served our country. This initiative is designed to simultaneously provide support and raise awareness regarding the men and women who wear or who have worn a uniform in the service to Canada.




Veterans Canada first incorporated in September 2006 and now is registering as a not-for-profit corporation. The initiative was founded by Donald J. Leonardo C.D. a Canadian army veteran with a strong desire to foster the development of:

Veterans Canada Corporate Profile

-  a national support system, programs and resources for members

-  an Internet based community to facilitate dialogue between members

-  a source for administering financial assistance through promotions and discounts to make a veterans pay cheque stretch further.


As a result, this support system will ensure our men and women in uniform who are serving or have served their country will have access to per based support now and in the future. To view our Executive Board members click here.




Lifetime memberships are always free for Veterans and form the on-line community we developed. Our membership draws from an estimated 2.7 million Canadians who are comprised of active, released and retired members of Canada's uniformed services in defence, security, enforcement and emergency health services.


The list of potential members includes the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Forces, Police Officers, Correctional Services, Firefighters, Coast Guard, Paramedics and Peace Officers. To view our members testimonies click here.




Register on-line for your Veterans Canada - Business Membership and support this Veteran Community. Click here to view our rates.




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